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Organic fibres

Natural Dyes

Natural mordants


Our concept of slow textiles is based on the use of natural fibers rigorously produced in a responsible manner, taking into account ethical and ecological criteria supported by certificates like Fair Trade and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Our dyeing processes are completely natural and sustainable. To achieve it, we combine traditional recipes with current dyeing knowledges, using exclusively natural dyes from organic farming (Certified GOTS) as well as locally harvested plants.

In search of alternatives to the traditional dyeing where the use of toxic and polluting mordants were common, we assure the fixation of the dyes by means of organic methods, using harmless natural substances, mainly of vegetable origin.


Fair trade

Ethically made



We are pleased to support the Fair Trade as a way to enhance the autonomy and sustainable development of the local communities , encouraging healthy ways of life according to their traditions, beliefs and ancestral knowledges.

We believe in an ethical way of doing things as the only way to fight gender discrimination, child labor, commercial abuse and other forms of social injustice, regrettably widespread in the textile production systems of current society.

We believe that textiles should always positively interact with the nature and people. So the matter its not only to reduce the negative impacts provoked by textile production, but facilitate true sustainable local development processes through it.


Local Production


Heritage methods


We bet on a textile model linked to the territory and its people, which means to love craftsmanship, make a sustainable management of natural resources, eliminate intermediaries and work together with other local and responsible projects.

We are deeply identified with the authenticity of handcrafted textiles, especially when they have been made exclusively with natural dyes and fibres, and have a storytelling with its own personality that make you feel to be touching truly alive textiles.

We feel attracted by the legacy of intangible heritage that is hidden behind the traditional crafts which have passed down from generation to generation. This leads us to work towards their rescue and renovation according to current ethical values.


Low Footprint

Natural Esence

Healthy Textiles


We carry to a minimum our impact on the environment, reducing transport and waste, avoiding petrochemical products, minimizing the use of water and energy, making a sustainable management of the resources and taking care of the Ecosystems.

To live at the gates of the "Collados del Asón" Natural Park in direct connection with Nature, gives us the needed inspiration and motivation to implement a Slow Textile Concept in complete harmony with the environment and ourselves.

Being aware that the skin is a one of the most receptive and sensitive organs, and in search of the human health and well-being, we bet on healthy textiles exclusively made from fibers, natural dyes and mordant free of any kind of toxic and harmful agents.


Timeless Aesthetics


Experimental techniques


We enjoy of those timeless styles that let you feel forever identified with your textiles and stay away from the disproportionate and nonsense consumption patterns imposed by the market under the threat to belong to some kind of old-fashioned collective.

Understanding textiles from a transdisciplinary perspective leads us to combine art and science, and allow dialogues between disciplines such as botany, history or chemistry on one side, with inspiración, creativity or design, on the other.

Letting the creativity to flow through textiles by means of experimental techniques, combining intuition with systematic observation, is one of our favorite ways to meet inspiration and, perhaps, one of the greatest charms of natural textiles.

The point is not to be completely perfect from an ethical and ecological point of view, but to be aware of the implications of our consumption patterns as the first step to achieve small changes that contribute to a New Global Consciousness.


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